Economics of open source tools for open data and open science in the Digital Moldova

Ion Coșuleanu, Information Society Development Institute, Chișinău, Moldova
Mihai Grecu, Information Society Development Institute, Chișinău, Moldova
Roman Bahnaru, Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova


The research results data in the Internet era have become a valuable resource, similar to natural mineral resources in Industrial era. In a tendency to save resources (financial, human, time, etc.), academia, governments and businesses around the world are increasingly adopting Open Source solutions. In Moldova there is a range of academic research institutions that have been collecting large amounts of data in their many years of research. On one hand, there is lack of tools able to process and reuse such data; on the other hand, it is very unlikely that research institutions will acquire modern and performing tools for using this data. Collaboration between academia, business and government should be a “must” principle in this synergic process. The governance of all these aspects is the key in thriving the potential of an open digital society through the collaboration with all stakeholders. This paper explores the opportunities of the use of open source software for the re-evaluation of the open research data in Moldova. We will address this issue in the context of the ongoing State program on scientific data infrastructure, examine benefits of open source Economics and finally, analyze incentives that could contribute to the Open Data commitment for Open Science in the Digital Moldova environment.


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