Enabling reliable, interoperable and secure e-Government services in Croatia

Martin Žagar, RIT Croatia
Josip Knezović, University of Zagreb
Branko Mihaljević, RIT Croatia


In accordance with the Croatian Government Decree on starting an e-Citizen project, National Identification and Authentication System (NIAS) was identified as a key enabling factor for the development of user-oriented public electronic services. Its role is to manage the identities in the electronic government ecosystem in the Republic of Croatia. Furthermore, NIAS is responsible for authentication of entities which access common system and the exchange of identity information between entities that communicate with each other through a common system, or exchange documents and data as well as verifying the authenticity of such identities. NIAS provides a credible general framework of trust and identity management which greatly simplifies the necessary infrastructure, organization, and services with significantly reduced costs for all stakeholders. In this paper, we will provide design and security details of NIAS as a basis for reliable, interoperable and secure e-government services in the Republic of Croatia. Keywords: electronic government, electronic identity, authentication and authorization system.


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